Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Home Evening Chart Printable

When my sweet sister was here last summer,
she wanted to make a Family Home Evening Chart.

Unfortunately we didn't get around to it. 

My next grand plan was to make one for her birthday!
But then I thought, "What if they already have one, or they decide have another baby?  Should I wait?"

Since her birthday is on Sunday, there's not a chance I could get one mailed in time anyhoo,
so I thought maybe a printable would work! 

Easy to trash if a newbie arrives!

Stick the printable in an 8''X10'' frame with glass

and you can write the names or initials with a dry erase marker!

You may already have one Coke, but if not....

Have the best birthday ever.
 You are amazing and beautiful and I'm so lucky to have you in my life!!


  1. What is a family home evening chart?:)

  2. The members of our church like to dedicate one evening to spending time as families. We generally have a little lesson from the scriptures, play games and have treat! A family home evening chart just gives us a way to rotate through the family and let them all have a turn with all of the different little jobs:)

  3. Thanks sweetie! You always amaze me! I MISS YOU!

  4. I don't see a link to download this chart. Is there one? When I just cut and copy into photoshop it is not clear. Thanks

    1. I'm sorry Tori, I made this before I was using Scribd and saving and uploading pdf's. This one is just the gif. I looked through my files to see if I still had it so that I could save it as a pdf and send it to you, but I must not have saved it. Sorry!

  5. Thank you for this printable!


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