Monday, November 29, 2010

Boston Baked Beans Christmas Wreath

If you have an hour and five bucks to kill make yourself a candy wreath! 
Perhaps you already have! If so, please share your favorite candy with us!!

I chose Boston Baked Beans, mostly because of the deep red color.  
They look like little miniature cherry tomatoes.

Instead of buying a wreath form, I cut one out of cardboard.
To measure the circles you can either trace two bowls, making sure to trace the bigger bowl first,

or you can create a fake compass by tying a string tightly to a pencil and securing it to the cardboard with a thumb tack.

Cut your circles out with a razor blade.

I would suggest painting the cardboard. 
You don't have to have exactly the same color as your candy, just something along those lines. Especially if you are planning on hanging your wreath on top of a mirror.

I like using hot glue, except for the webs!

It might be a good idea to pick a candy that you don't totally love.
Either that, or learn how to glue really fast.

Have a Christmas wreath that you'd like to show off?? 
Meet me back here on Friday for our first Christmas contest of December!
Link your wreaths or signs for a chance to win!


  1. OMG!! What a great idea, I'm doing this tomorrow no lie, lol Thanks for sharing. Love Sia xx

  2. My daughter's boyfriend is missing his northern roots here in Atlanta. He's from Cape Cod but that's close enough to Boston to make this really funny. I'm so going to make it for him! Thanks for the spectacular idea.


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