Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just in case you missed these....

I'm in love with these owl cupcakes made by 

They make me happy.

We'll be making them for a class party on Friday.

I used Ding Dongs instead of cupcakes, because we can't bring food in that isn't store bought.

I also substituted candy corn for the nose.


To get the white goop equally on both sides of the cookie, 
I took a string and pulled it right through the center. Otherwise you have to use 2 cookies for each owl.

I'm giving a big WOOT WOOT to 
for this fantastic party idea!
Pop over and snag some party game ideas!!!


  1. I love these. I was going to make sugar cookies for a playdate tomorrow, but we are going to make these instead! Thanks!

  2. Oh my heck! I am so making these for my daughter, she is going to be a owl for Halloween and is a huge owl fan. What a HOOT!


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