Friday, October 22, 2010

Adding Trim to the Kitchen

I felt like my kitchen needed some color, but I really didn't want to paint the whole thing. I am really liking having white on the walls. It makes the great room feel really open and bright.

I decided that I could probably add some color if I put up some high trim.  I like the idea of high trim because you can get away with using paint that is a darker shade.

Here's the dining area before picture:

To create a straight line I used a drywall square and put dots around the room that were all 16'' from the ceiling.  

I connected the dots by turning the drywall square sideways and using it as a straight edge.

Even though all the dots were 16'' from the ceiling, I also tested the line with a level. 
Sometimes the ceiling isn't always straight.

 I bought casing for the trim and the total for the whole room was only $20.  
I cut the trim with a chop saw. 
 For the corners and edges of the room, I cut at a 45 degree angle to make the pieces fit together nicely. 

I used a pneumatic nail gun to hang the trim. I love that thing!  It makes hanging trim a snap!

I went with a dark grayish blue paint. 

I started painting the wall before I put the trim up and I really did NOT like the color. It seemed way too dark. Once I got the trim up, I really loved it!  Trim is so much fun!!


  1. I LOVE it! What a cool idea. I never thought to do it up just a little higher so you can add just a little color. Great job! Thanks for sharing:)

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  2. Do you have a picture of where it meets the cabinets? We have almost the exact same sort of wall and I'd love to see that junction. I'm in LOVE!

  3. I added some pics of the cabinets for you Torrie.

  4. Fantastic job. It really adds to the whole effect of the room. Love it.

  5. i am loving this but am confused on what is going on at the small wall where cabinets are or am i having a duh moment?

  6. Wow.. I never would have thought of that! Smart idea and it looks great!

  7. Oh I LOVE it! I especially love how the white plates and jars on the shelf above the window pop against the grey/blue. So purdy!

  8. Gorgeous! The blue with the dark cabinets and white is just perfect! You did a great job!

  9. I don't know that I have ever seen trim that high before. GENIUS! It looks fantastic. And I am a huge fan of that gray. In fact, I have two cans of spray paint in that exact color I just bought to paint a dresser! :)

  10. Looks fantastic!


  11. ooh....looks good, I can finally comment because I got a new computer that's compatible with your blog. YEAH


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