Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FHE chart for the fridge~

Here's an idea for a family home evening chart if you don't want to put yet another hole in your wall.

Trace a circle onto a thin piece of wood. Emphasis on the thin. 
You're going to be putting magnets onto the back of it and sticking it to the fridge. 
I used a scrap of bead board and I had to use a lot of magnets to hold it up.  

Cut it out!!
I used a bandsaw and then sanded the edges.

Paint and add your families initials with vinyl.
Space the initials equally around the circle like a clock.

Glue magnets onto the back of your circle with epoxy or E-6000.

Create little circles with individual jobs out of vinyl.  

To change jobs you will rotate the inner circle.

If you don't want the initials to be upside down during rotations , angle them on the circle and take off the {family}.


  1. You are inspiring me to do. . .to do something crafty! Love your ideas Andy!

  2. I love love love this idea!! I don't have tons of wall space in my home, so this would be a perfect solution! I am going to feature this at Sassy Sites soon!! :)

  3. Or you could just rotate the jobs and keep the cute family sign right side up. What?


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