Monday, June 14, 2010

Terah's baby shower gift

I cut 9''x9'' boards out of mdf and routed the edges.

The Joe taught me an easy trick to find the center of square objects. Use a straight edge and trace from opposite corners. The center is where the line intersects.

I used a drill press to make holes for my pegs.

I dipped the end of the shaker pegs in wood glue and tapped them into place with a hammer.
I covered the peg with a cloth to protect the top of it.

To create the design I found the center of each side and taped center to center. After the paint dried, I took off the tape and taped in the other direction. I then sanded the edges and rubbed stain across the entire board.

His initials spell "TOM". Isn't that cute?


  1. awww, those are so cute! You did a fabulous job!

    I recently was given a rubber mallet that belonged to my late uncle. I had never owned one before, and now every time I use it I think of him.
    Before I got that, I was very creative when hammering.
    have a great week!

  2. that is adorable! i bet terah LOVED them- you did a very nice job and the colors are great. love the lettering, too!

  3. You have out-done yourself again! Beautiful results~ And, I love your daughter's room reveal. I want to stay in that room!

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  5. Gorgeous gift, it's so well crafted!

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