Thursday, April 22, 2010

think about it Thursday...

I am out of town today! Well, I have been all week long! It has been a great break from all of the mothering of my life! I feel ready to return to my kids and home and be a better mom. So this weeks post (minus all pictures since this is a work computer) is to encourage all you woman out there to take a break! It may only be for a day or even an hour but take a much deserved break. Step away from the stress and recharge! One of my favorite things to do in college was take a 5 senses bath.

-sight: candle light
-smell: yummy candle or bubble bath (my fav: cucumber melon from Bath & Body)
-touch: warm/hot water
-taste: a favorite treat (mine is Snickers)
-hearing: some relaxing music (my favorite is the sound track to the movie The Piano. kinda melancholy but I LOVE IT!

This is something so simple that can be done on any budget in any home. It is so important to take even a few minutes to recharge and relax!

What do you LOVE to do to relax?

Think about it...


  1. Girl, I love me some Piano soundtrack. I think it's probably my most favorite piano music in the world. If I could play the piano, I'd play that every day.

  2. Love that you posted this! It's my favorite way to de-stress. Buy yourself an inflatable bath pillow at the dollar store to further indulge. And then remember to lock the bathroom door!

  3. That would also make the cutest gift for mothers day - make a 5 senses relaxing bath kit!I am so doing this!! And hot baths are the only thing I do to relax!!

  4. Did I ever need a break! I have been housebound with the flu and then kids with runny noses, so last night I just went out and wondered around my favourite stores...the one with pretty stuff! and a book shop! I was in heaven!! Lingering, taking my time...all by myself!! I have tried to do a little something special every week called "discovery dates" ( I am going to have to try the bath tho! I'm liking the idea of having a snack with your bath!

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