Thursday, March 25, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking about how awesome it feels to finally get something done that has been waiting for over a year!

A few posts ago I talked about the quilt that I have been wanting to make forever! Well...yesterday I finally pulled out my brand new sewing machine that I got for Christmas and I finished it!!! Yep you read that right...I finished it! Well...almost...I'll explain in a minute...

Does anyone else get intimidated by new things? I TOTALLY do! This new high tech sewing machine is very VERY different from the 1970's avocado model that I usually borrow from my mom. I whipped out the owners manual and got started by filling a new bobbin, threading it, and threading the machine...lets just say that it took about the same amount of time as it did to do half the quilt! I really didn't want to do it wrong and so it took me forever! lol

I had already cut all the material into squares LAST YEAR so I laid everything out just the way that I wanted it and started sewing the squares together into strips.

Next step for me was to iron all of the seams flat.

I sewed all the strips together and then ironed all of those seams flat too.

If you do it right everything should lay nice and flat. I missed a seam here and a seam there, but I just ironed it flat anyway. ; )

This is what it looks like all together. Now I all needed to do was sew on the border.

Here it is!!! I can't believe that it came together that quickly...why I put it off so long...who knows...probably the same reason I still have all of 2007 and 2008 to scrap book.

When I purchased the material I picked up a few business cards of ladies who do machine quilting. I knew that I really wanted my quilt...quilted?!!?! So I gave a few a call and a really great lady quoted me a fantastic price and even was near my house around 6pm yesterday so we met and I handed it over. I promise to post pictures in a few weeks of it ALL done! I can't wait. So after finishing the top all I had to do was cut the backing (which is the pocca dot material) and give it to her. She had the batting and everything. She is going to use Warm and Natural batting. Anyhoo!! I am SO excited! It came together exactly how I pictured in my head. (don't you love when that happens too!)

I think anytime you get something on a list done it feels awesome! What can you do to feel awesome TODAY??



  1. That's wonderful. I feel the same way every time I get something new. I bought a serger 2 years ago and just this week took a class to figure it out, That's right, it took me 2 years to finally give up and have someone teach me how to THREAD it.
    The quilt looks wonderful.

  2. The quilt looks amazing! I am always thinking that we should go look at fabric when I come and then never think about it when I am actually there. I have colors in mind I might have to have you look for me sometime! You have a great eye for it!

  3. WOW! That looks SO good Heather. I just got a new machine a couple of days ago, and I do feel intimidated. Maybe I'll pull out the instructions today! :)

  4. that's awesome! i really need to start using my sewing machine!

  5. I have had my great Grandma's sewing machine in my scrap room taunting me for over a month (took me 3 yrs to get it from her house to mine) I am hoping to do something w/it next week!! :) thanks for the push!!

  6. I love your fabric choices, I am horrible at putting patterns together to fit and am so jealous! It is PERFECT fabric! I can't wait to see it when you get it back

  7. This turned out so great! I love love love the fabric its so fun!

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  8. I LOVE the fabrics you chose!!! I have been wanting to make a quilt for a LONG time. I think you have inspired me to just DO IT!

  9. Can't wait to retire my 1980 sewing machine! The quilt colors are beautiful! It is great when a project pictured in your head can come to life! Hurray :)

  10. I LOVE the colors, it's gorgous! And I know what you mean about intimidation! Check out my post from Wednesday:

  11. That material is gorgeous! LOVE THE COLORS!

  12. Seriously, that material is gorgeous!! Where did you get it? Great choices, everything looks beautiful!!

    I always am finishing a project that I started a few months ago and then couldn't be bothered to finish then for some reason or another. I like to start new projects more than finish projects, it's just so exciting in the beginning :)

  13. I picked up the material at a lovely place called Broadbents in Lehi Utah


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