Thursday, March 4, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking about my unfinished projects!

Now I'm not talking about something that I have put off for a few weeks...or even a few has been almost a whole YEAR!! If you don't believe me here is the POST to prove it! I fell in love with this fabric and new that I HAD to make something out of it. When I say love I really mean it! I LOVE this fabric!! Have you ever seen something and just known you had to have it! I saw this lovely line at my local fabulous fabric store and thought: "I need to make something out of those delicious patterns!"

I gal I know has the cutest baby quilt and I thought..."Yes...I will make that!" About a month after purchasing the material I cut all the fabric into the pieces I would need...and there it has sat for a year now! I am the kind of person that loves to finish projects...when I don't it is like a little nagging bug in the back of my brain. I have decided that I NEED to finish this project!

So here is my hope! I HOPE that by posting about it here you will all hold me accountable. I received a new sewing machine for Christmas so I don't have any excuse now!

Here is the pictures of the quilt I am copying:

It is time to start finishing the things that we started A LONG TIME AGO!!

What do you have sitting around unfinished?

Think about it...


  1. Where did you get that fabric?? I have been looking for good fabric in those colors and haven't been able to find anything I really like! Do you remember the line name or the designer?

  2. Briana- it is moda fabric. One of the pattern numbers is: 32092. The other numbers are similar ex: 32096... it is from last it might be hard to find...good luck!

  3. CUTE! I want to make a quilt so much and yours is so fun. I LOVE the fabric.

  4. Thank you for the post. I have more unfinished projects then finished (or so it seems). Curtains, bed skirts, quilts, etc. I have one quilt that the top is done, all that is left is to put the peices together and tie it and bind it. It isn't even that big, just for sitting in the grass. And there it sits year after year!

    Good luck with the quilt. Amazing fabrics.

  5. I Love Moda fabric! I love it so much I just buy it with no project in mind just so I can have it. I have a that's why I stay out of fabric stores lately! I have MANY projects I need to finish, maybe bed rest in my craft room would be good for me! :) Can't wait to see your beautiful quilt!

  6. Darling fabric! In order for me to finish something I started I would have to have it narrowed down to just ONE unfinished project. I have so many it's embarrassing! Oh and Happy Birthday!:)

  7. I have way to many to list! But today I will finish my desk & a chalkboard for my little girl's room. I love the colors of the quilt too!


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