Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today I'm focusing on numbers. Please forgive me if anywhere in this post I call them letters. For some reason I always do that! Numbers are just gripping my heartstrings as of late. Here area  few cutie-cute examples how intoxicating they can be:

I love the shape of this chair and the green cushion is fantastic.  

Everything about this picture makes me happy. That's some Serious cuteness. 

Way out of season, but I adore these advent boxes.  They make me want to stick a number on EVERYHTHING!!

A fun number collage.

Contemporary art created by numbers.

More yummy numbers

Image via Apartment Therapy

Love it!
Image via Apartment Therapy

Aren't numbers just the perfect little touch? 
Image via Apartment Therapy

I've decided to decorate my bedroom with numbers. Here is the first step! Redoing my headboard:

Phew! I think I may have actually made it thru the post without calling them letters.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. OHHH I LOVE those photos and ideas! YOUR headboard looks awesome! I've got my own little number/letter addiction that I've had for a while. My coffe mugs in my kitchen are all numbered (they are on my blog if you want to see them) and I've had "B" s around my house for years for my last name! FUN post!

  2. Andy, thanks for your sweet comment! I've had a little more time now to look around here, and I love it! GREAT site, GREAT ideas!

  3. I just LOVE numbers! I'm in the process of adding some myself!

  4. I love numbers too! I have NO idea why! I'm just drawn to them for some reason!
    you know how much I love your blog, right?

  5. Just watch out for the numbers:
    4 8 15 16 23 42


  6. I love little number tags for things! You are right about them being the perfect little touch.

  7. I love the #s collage! Print it out and frame it type of love :o) Let's be honest, numbers are like letters when are they ever going to go out of style?!

  8. just happened upon your blog via another super crafty blog, but i must say YOURS TOTALLY ROCKS! love all of your idea and projects. in fact after reading a couple post this very morning i was inspired to go outside and feed my addiction of spray painting! love what a coat or two of color can do for an otherwise ugly object. your ideas are super cute and so my style. so thank you for sharing your talent and ideas~ have a great day.

  9. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I am excited for Friday!

  10. I like the way it looks, but I could never do it in my house. My OCD side needs all the numbers in order, and if they're in order (like the coffee mugs) I would just want to keep counting. :)

  11. Andy-

    I just stumbled across this great dining room where the CHAIR BACKS were NUMBERED. . you gotta check it out. I am gonna email you the pic. I thought of that pic when I read this post. . thanks for the inspiration.


  12. Oh my, I ADORE that headboard! GENIUS!!!!!!!!

  13. What a great job. I love anything with numbers or letters. I am drawn to both, have been for years. I love this idea. I am re-doing a playroom and I will be having letters in different forms for the walls. I did a post on some of the elements I plan on using. I love a little whimsy and this is whimsical to me.Great post loved all the images, that first chair is to die for.


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