Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Toppers

Happy Monday!

We used to have a tree topper. It was a star the had lights on it. The clip that was supposed to help it stay in place broke the first time we used it. We continued to use it and found creative ways to help it stay in place. A couple of years ago, we decided we were fed up with it...surely we could find another tree topper. Well, it was harder than I thought. To find a tree topper that I liked, that fit our tree, that seemed like it would hold in place, that wasn't more money than we were willing to spend was tough. I'm not even sure we had a tree topper on our tree last year at all.
My boys brought up this year that we are supposed to have a star on our tree. Okay, okay. I guess we better find one. Well, one miraculous afternoon when all my kids were asleep at the same time (that NEVER happens!! Really, Never, ever.), I decided to try my hand at making one of my own.

These were SO easy! For this first one, all it took was a quick trip to the firewood pile in the backyard (and I mean was freezing out there!) for some twigs and then plugging in my hot glue gun. I measured and cut the twigs to all be 10 inches. Then, I made a star with some bigger twigs, then continued to glue on some smaller ones on top. This took all of five minutes! I also added a longer stick to help stick it on the tree. This star can be dressed up so easily...paint it any color, add glitter, add bows, add berries or leaves or lights. The possibilities are endless!

I still had quite a few twigs sitting on my counter, so I glued another star together. Then, I just took some craft wire and wrapped it around and around the star. Here's another style in 3 minutes flat.

This is one that I saw online and decided to try. I had to buy a Styrofoam ball for this one, but that is the only thing I purchased for these tree toppers. I used bamboo skewers that I have in my pantry for shishkabobs, broke them and stuck them in the ball all over (leaving one full length sticking out the bottom for support). Then, I spray painted it ivory. When it dried, I sprayed on some spray adhesive and sprinkled on silver glitter.

Easy, people!! Why in the world have I been searching stores for a tree topper? It's way too easy to do on your own and, the best part is, you can customize them to look perfect for your tree.

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