Wednesday, December 9, 2009

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking about....finally finishing up my ornaments!

A few weeks ago I shared my idea for my daughters Fancy Nancy ornament. I still had one last ornament to for my cute spunky 1 year old son! I really wanted an ornament that described him right now. I thought, "Maybe I can find a Cheerio ornament!" Seriously all that kid does it eat cereal! Well...I looked high and low...I googled right and left and just like Fancy ornament to be found. So I thought, "Maybe I can make it too!"

Here is what you need to make the cutest ever ornament for your little bundle of crawling joy:
  • Cheerios
  • Elmers Glue
  • White snowy glitter
  • empty ornament
  • cute ribbon
First step: Fill your ornament with kids asked me if they would get moldy as the years go by...I am pretty sure that they will just get stale, but who cares right? I packed them in there tight so that hopefully they won't get all crumbled.

Next step: I was scrounging through my craft box and found this tube of glitter...(at first I was going for a snow look, but after I got started I thought it looked a lot like milk...seriously super cute) Take your elmers glue and spread it around the outside bottom of your ornament (both sides). Next sprinkle with glitter.

Hang to dry so that they glitter sticks. (Doesn't it look like milk?)

Here is the finished ornament!

Here is Bailey's finished ornament all "fancied up" with ribbon. I used hot glue to stick the ribbon to the back so that it will stay put for years to come.

I have had so much fun making these just might become a new tradition!

What can you make this Christmas...?

Think about it...

P.S.-I have also been making a zillion of these BLOCKS....super duper cute!! Home Depot cuts the 2x4s for free & lots of times they have scraps, and printing out the fronts at Costco is only $.90. So to do 1 set is like $1.25!!!


  1. I have a question about printing the fonts at Costco...what exactly do you mean by that? What are you printing out and do they cut out the actual letters or what? I don't have a cricut and I've been trying to figure out how to do something like this without cutting out letter by hand (it doesn't look good anyway). Please let me know when you can! Thanks so much and I love reading your blog! My email is:

  2. Oh my goodness! SO creative and adorable, you are just amazing. I should make one full of just plain milk for Grace! :) Thanks for the cute ideas!

  3. Heather, SO cute! We usually get new ornaments for the kids every year, but you may have just convinced me to start making them! You're so creative!

  4. I love that you have their ornaments go along with their current interests! I just love the cherio ornament! Super creative Heath!!


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