Monday, November 9, 2009

Wall Art

Happy Monday!

My house has some seriously high ceilings in the front room area to the kitchen. It seems like vast areas to fill and I haven't had a clue how to do that. My front room has been bugging me and I knew it was in need of an overhaul. I wanted new colors, wanted to change the walls. Well, I've been thinking about what to do and then last week I found a tutorial for some easy and fun wall art that I decided to try. Click here to get her full tutorial over at Frugal Home Ideas. She has a ton of pictures and super explanation of how to pull this one off.

I was so excited to get started on this and hurry and get this wall changed that I didn't even take a before picture. I found this one in my archives, though, and you can see the wall well in the background (and some seriously cute boys in the front!). What you can't tell is that the wall continues on for miles above this little frame.

I was so excited to fill that wall a little better! So, I headed over to good 'ol Hob Lob to get some canvas. You can get a 2 pack of 16x20 canvas there for $9.99. They were 30% off the day I was there...even better! BUT, I was worried that they weren't going to be big enough. I wanted this change to make a difference on this wall. So, when I walked by the little clearance shelf and found 3 of these...I decided to go with them instead.

Beautiful, aren't they?

I happened to have one of the necessary door mats on my front doorstep. It'd been there a good year and a half, so I figured it was an appropriate time to use it for something else.

Clearance jungle theme wall art + old doormat + Espresso and Steel Blue spray paint =

Hang them on the wall with another Hobby Lobby find (50% last week) and I think they really help fill this wall and brighten up the room. Woot! How fun and easy was this!

PS: Can I be excused next week? I'm off to Europe with my hubs! But, I'll miss you....really, I will. Be back the 23rd....hopefully with some superb inspiration from the Mediterranean.


  1. ooh!! I love that!! The colors are perfect and it looks super good with the wrought iron decor. Blue and brown are one of my fav. combos. Have a great time in Europe{{jealous jealous}}.

  2. Those turned out just gorgeous! The entire grouping is fabulous!

  3. You are soooo cool Hannah! Great idea.


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