Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chopped door...

I was walking thru Robert's last week and saw a mustard colored buffet and suddenly inherited a large desire to paint something


I went and bought some paint from the back of the store and then hopped over to D.I. I couldn't find any furniture that was very exciting so I went to take a peak at the doors. I often see doors that I really like, but rarely buy them because I don't have room to carry them home. I happened to find a door that was
chopped down and only $4.

The perfect subject for my mustard desires. I painted, sanded and rubbed with gel stain.

I ran to Hobby Lobby and found an antique doorknob as well as a wooden "P".

I used E6000 to glue the door knob on the front of the painted door.

{{sigh}} I love old doorknobs.

I used spray adhesive to add a little colored paper flavor to the "P" and hung it on the knob. It still needed a little something so I printed some vinyl lettering for the front and also a number"3" for a red tin I picked up for a buck. 3 is my favorite number because brother and I are having a contest to see who can say it the most times before we die. We started when we were about 8. I think it's fun to try and throw it into my decorating whenever I can.

Well, what do you think??

Does it make you want to paint something yellow??

hmmm...still on the fence??

Perhaps these can be a little more persuasive:

origin unknown via Oliveaux

Happy Tuesday!



  1. LOVE this. If I ever get out of my comfort zone and go "mckmama bold" instead of neutrals I have to try this. What is "DI"? and why do they have doors?

  2. mmmm! love it! I recently got a yellow handbag that I absolutely love. Guess I need some yellow decor to match! lol Need to find me a brush!!

  3. Andy... seriously, you didn't paint that door with that little bottle of Folk Art, did you? How funny!
    I love the door. I was visiting my daughter a couple of weeks ago in Nashville, and her friend Handy Graham (he uses her garage to do his work) had a half door, it was so darn cute! I tried to get it from him, but he wasn't budging!
    I love how you a"doorned" your door! The knob, the P everything about it!
    And... the story about the number 3! hahahah so fun!
    I have 3 whole doors... I need to make something.
    enough rambling! thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your l'ville hubs!

  4. Where did you get that knob?! That's exactly what I'm looking for for the project I'm doing now. Love the hald door...and the yellow!

  5. lOVE THE CHOpped down door - especially in yellow! I want an antique door handle like that!!!

  6. OK. So the gel stain? I painted my kitchen yellow yesterday and it looks like a highlighter. Think I could rub get stain on my walls?? Sounds scary...

  7. I TOTALLY want to paint something yellow now! I am all kinds of in love with old door knobs, it's kind of a problem, addiction if you will:) But that door is just gorgeous.

  8. Hey Taylor,

    I would try a glaze that you buy in the painting department before I would use gel stain on the walls. You probably could get away with using it, but it would take a lot. lol

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And Thanks, Now I have to go find something to paint yellow! :)

  10. Yes, yes! I want to paint something yellow! Thanks for sharing. It turned out great-a chopped door, who knew?

  11. I already loved mustard yellow decor but now I love it even more! So cute!!

  12. love that! not a yellow fan, but u may have changed my mind!


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