Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First sign of fall....

Welcome to Tuesday!!!

I don't know if you noticed from the sidebar schedule, but we are switching Creative Cats to FRIDAY!! I hope you'll meet us over there on Friday to link up all the amazing projects you've been working on...if you don't have one yet, you have a few days to get to work! I'll be taking a peak at our followers blogs to try and a few of my favorite projects to feature. Sorry about the move. I did feel a little pang of sadness this morning because I so look forward to seeing your links....I'll try and hold off a few more days...

Well, here we are in full on fall mode!!
I am of course loving the coziness of fall. Here are a few of my favorite pumpkin images.
I am so so so sorry that I don't have the links to the skilled individuals who took these pics. I am usually very careful about that, but forgot to write them down. I should show some self control and not post them, but I just love them so much that I can't help myself. I especially love little orange stuck with all the big whites in the wagon. I find it very captivating.

Well, to go along with the season I made my first sign of fall. I've never made a fall sign before. Silly really. It's only 4 letters long, so it seems like something I would try and tackle.
I found scrap piece of mdf and painted, distressed and stained. I went looking thru the house to try and find all the letters I'd need. I found a block "F" so that's a good start.
I salvaged the "A" from an USA craft. I used a blocky "T" flipped over for one of the "L"s. I was still short one "L". I thought it might be cute to use a hand rake, but that ended up being way to big and looked pretty strange. Instead I grabbed a little scrap of brown ribbon and wrapped it over itself.
I added a rusted star to the end of the ribbon to give it more bulk. Mostly because I was afraid that it looked like "fail" instead of "fall". That's just what you need to see before you leave the house every morning eh??
Anyhoo, it's kind of fun to just have mismatched items.

I hope that you enjoy this beautiful fall-ish day and we'll talk again on Friday!!


oh and p.s. I'll try to be posting tunes for Tuesdays as the songs of the week with a link to their youtube videos if you want to take a listen.


  1. A really evil part of me would love to have a "fail" sign by the door. Hee hee...
    I love the sign you made, and especially how you used things around the house to create the letters. The upsdide down T is fab!

    And hooray for new tunes!! I love your music! :)

  2. P.S. I love, love, love 'Hey Soul Sister' - I just added it to my playlist a few weeks ago. You should check out "Swim" by Jack's Mannequin. It's my newest. :)

  3. Super cute. I love the white pumpkins. They make me think of Cinderella:) And the fall sign is darling. I love how you used the ribbon! Again, something I never would have thought of. Genius!

  4. LOVE the sign. I like the mismatched element - it gives it a little je ne sais quois. :)

  5. I came across your blog on the google reader recommendations page! I clicked because I love poppies... then I discovered- I LOVE your posts! Thanks for my new inspiration!

  6. I LOVE it!! I love everything you used! I love FALL! Thanks for Stoppin by to see me!! An honor, I have been a fan of your blog for awhile now! You all are so talented!

  7. I love your sign! Even mismatched things look great when you put them together. Thanks for entering the giveaway and for your comments. I posted about the shoe storage/organizing on the 7th on my site if you want to take a look. I tried to email you, but I think my email is going wonky. Sorry about that. Have a great day and see you tomorrow.


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