Friday, July 10, 2009

Why buy gift bags?

It's fun to add an element of yourself into gifts. Even if you are giving something practical like diapers(at first I typed that words as "diamonds" instead of "diapers" lol-not quite as practical). I found this wooden bucket at DI a few weeks ago.  I'm heading to another baby shower tomorrow so I wanted to make it into a gift bucket that I put a few things in for her baby girl.  We have tons of people who are having babies out here in Eagle Mountain. I think it's really fun going to baby showers, but it can get a little expensive if you have to buy gifts. This way you can add some baby shampoo and lotions or something that doesn't cost too much and you can still have a gift that feels personal and cute.  I painted the bucket pink and then added some dot stickers.

You could just as easily use a circle stencil or the eraser from a pencil to make dots.  It looks cute with just dots or you can also add some stripes by taping down the sides of the bucket and painting them white.

  After the white had dried I hit it with an electric sander to age it and to make it look less like a bucket of popcorn.  I'm excited to go to the store this afternoon and find a few things pack it with.  The bucket only cost me $1 so it really doesn't cost anymore than buying a gift bag.  
In other news...I did finish the door to my cabinet.  I'll show you what it looks like when the whole thing is finished.  Have a great day!  


  1. Very cute and i am sure the new mommy will love it!

  2. Absolutely darling!!! Were did you get that adorable bucket for so cheap? My ward is full of pregnany ladies!!!!

  3. Too Much luvin! You should make a no sew tutu. THATS what you should do :)

  4. Cute! I love using backets as a gift bag... I have never thought of a bucket, but this is adorable!

  5. I am so happy that I discovered your blog! You just helped me figure out what to give to 2 teachers at my sons' school! Thank you for the inspiration! I cant wait to hit the studio! Although at the rate I am going, it will be September before I can make it. :(

  6. Such a cute bucket and way more useful than another gift bag!


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