Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheap and Easy

Ha guess I should have titled this post something else. That really sounds pretty crass, but in crafty terms it's the best way to describe the project o' the day.  I'm making napkin rings.  Don't ask me why...I don't really entertain very frequently and in all my years of every having parties I have never once used cloth napkins.  In fact I had to cut up an old table cloth just to make it look like I even have cloth napkins.  Even still, I was pretty excited about this idea because It's so cheap and easy!  I saw something similar in a Better Homes magazine yesterday and I wanted to put my own little spin on them.  I took an empty paper towel thingy and cut it on the conveniently marked lines left on the cardboard. 
 I painted them brown and added some embellishments. 
 Easy right??? Cheap right??? They may even motivate me to want to throw a little party sometime....I don't know...maybe?!?....I'd have to try and round up a matching set of dishes. Actually it may be cute to go to DI and get all different kinds of plates and have a unique mismatched table setting. That could be really fun.  Alright...I'm starting to babble.... anyhoo give them a try! They are really fun and easy enough for young kids to do with you for a birthday party setting.  


  1. So cute, It would be fun to make THEMED ones for parties...hee hee

  2. cute! Great idea for a party.

  3. great idea! well done you... thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Andy! that's very nice idea for BBQ too. You can roll the plastic fork,etc, etc,on big paper napkin and hold w/ the paper ring. What do you think?

  5. What a great idea!!! Just found your blog tonight, so much fun :)


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