Friday, June 26, 2009

Painting burlap

We took the kidlets to a museum in Provo and stopped off at DI on the way home.  
I decided to join the burlap bandwagon and make something that I could put into the green frame. 
 I drew a primitive bird and joe traced it onto the computer and printed up some vinyl that I could use for a stencil. 
I've seen people use stencils on burlap before, but I always assumed it wouldn't work very well because it seems like the paint would bleed. I put the bird sticker on and just dabbed the paint on with a sponge brush.
  I love how it turned out!! And no bleeding!! I stuck another sticker on to paint the wing.
  What I love about primitive artwork is that you don't have to be an amazing artist to be able to make some really cute pieces. It's so basic. I think I could even lose the little legs of this bird next time. 
Thumbs up to burlap! I will definitely be painting it again sometime!  While I was letting the fabric dry I worked on the frame. I painted brown over top of the green and I figured I would just sand it down with steel wool so the green would show thru. 
 YIKES!! Too similar to the picture and not so cute!! I had a feeling while I was painting the brown that I should really be going black. 
Black is much better! I used an upside down laundry basket as my painting surface.  While I waited for the frame to dry....for the second time, I looked around the house for a piece of cardboard that I could use to back the burlap. Thanks Kichler box! Perfect! I cut it to match the frame using a razor knife and used spray adhesive to stick the burlap to the brown side so color from the box wouldn't show thru.  I stuck it on the shelf in the kitchen along with the little towel box I found and some ceramics for color.
 Have a wonderful weekend!! Get up tomorrow and go searching those yard sales!! Find something you can share with us on Creative Cats this Tuesday!!


  1. Man! How do you craft so much?! My husband and son are leaving to go camping tonight, and so it's just me and my 8 mo. old daughter, Maybe I'll get something done.
    P.S. I got my PRIZE! Thanks so much again for the giveaway!

  2. Hi again. So I took this design, and another of yours and made DESIGN PLATES. ThanX for the inspiration! Check them out here:

  3. Oh...I like it! Looks really cute on the shelf with your wonderful doo-dads!

  4. Clicked over from "that's so cuegly".... excited to browse through the rest of your blog!


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