Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Decorating for the 4th

It just occurred to me this morning that the 4th is just around the corner. I'm usually not that big on decorating for every single holiday, but I happened to buy a big ol' wooden flag at Saver's a few months ago for a couple dollars so I was excited to realize this morning that I could put it up. This is the before shelf: I like to take pics just to remember how I arranged things. I probably won't ever try and duplicate that again because I like change too much, but that's why it's fun for me to keep a blog and look back at my how things used to look.  I put the flag up....kind of boring sitting there all by its lonesome: Even though the flag is pretty large and in charge I still decided to go with a big star.  After all, the 4th is kind of an exciting holiday. It's OK to go big right?? Well the star and the big flag needed some cushioning so I added the watering can and a little star picture I made last year: That didn't look so good. Try an little rearranging:  Still not quite right. It was too lopsided....OK, I can live with that.  Happy Summer!!


  1. I too am a visual person- gotta see it to see if I like it, move things around a lot! looks good!

  2. It's a beautiful display! What a great deal on the flag from Savers.
    Mrs. Petrie @

  3. Ooooh...I like it! The gratitude sign is perfect there with the flag! Love 4th of July!!


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