Monday, June 29, 2009

Creative Cats

i like chocolate covered almonds.
i like listening to music while i paint.
i like old trucks.
i like the idea of turning my family into a nudist colony so i don't have to do anymore laundry.
i like roller coasters.
i like raspberries.
i like emotion.
i like this red door.
                                                                     (source unknown)

i LOVE it when you link up to Creative Cats!! 
If you are wondering if you should link up today the answer is YES!! If you are wondering what you can link up today the answer is ANYTHING that falls under the enormous umbrella of creativity: sewing projects, tutorials, recipes, before and after shots, paintings, kids crafts, throw it all my way today!! After you have linked, leave me a comment so I know that you are there and I can move your name and project to the blog page and grab yourself a Creative Cat's button to display on your blog! 


  1. Hi Andy!
    I have linked up! Thanks for Hosting!


  2. I *LOVE* the idea of a nudist colony family for no more laundry! And I caved in and linked up. :)

  3. My jaw is still on the floor! Your projects are amazing!! I agree completely with your philosophy of creativity. Thank you so much for inspiring me today. I love to paint and I've dreamed of re-doing furniture, and after finding your blog today I'm totally inspired!

    I've linked up, thanks!


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