Monday, March 9, 2009

And the winner is....

First of all thanks all of you for your wonderfully nice comments. You are all so great and I'm positive you have many more creative ideas than I do, so next time I have a giveaway I'm going to ask you to send me a picture of something that you've done! That way I can have a chance to compliment you.
OK, so now to announce the big winner.....It's Kim!!! Woohoo! I get to send the blocks to Georgia. So, send me your address my dear! My email is

I am really really serious when I say I would love to see some of the things all of you have done. I don't know how to do that fancy pants Mr. Linky stuff, but if you email me a link to your blog or just some pictures if you don't have a blog, I'd love to post it!! I decided to come up with a new category of posts called 10 spot The idea with 10 spot is to post decorations or gifts that you can make or do for around 10 dollars. For example, I just found out that there was a Provo Craft Outlet in Lindon! Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?? I was getting my haircut at Sassy's and couldn't resist going shopping afterwards. They change their products around a lot, so you never know what you are going to get. I found these candlesticks that look like flowers. The larger one was $5 and the smaller was around $4.
I also found these cute tin sign things for only $2!
Their craft paper is only $.15. The selection isn't huge, but it's a whole lot cheaper than most places. I bought some cute little paper flowers for $.25 each. I was able to paint the candlesticks and puts some craft paper and vinyl on the tin sign(you could also use stencils). Total cost=$11.65.
Sign alone=$2
Candlesticks=$9.50( I already had some little candles, but I bought them in a 4 pack at the dollar store).
If you would have found something you can make for around $10 and would like to share the wealth send me an email with 10 spot in the subject line. Make sure and include the spot where you found the supplies!

Cassie!! (of Cassie and Scott)! I'm so glad to hear from you! I haven't seen you in a million years!! I hope things are going well for you! Also I'm happy to find out that I know you Erin!!


  1. Wow! I never win anything! I am so excited to have my very own "Poppy Ginger"! Thanks Andrea! Love ya!

  2. HI i was just wondering where you get you epoxy glue for the candy dish? thanks

  3. i really wish i was as creative as you are!!! how you look at things and see what you can do with them amazes me!!! i am very jealous, and hope to learn from you.

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  5. I found my epoxy at Home Depot, but they should have it at most hardware stores.

  6. Hi! My husband came across your blog and he showed it to me and I have been doing crafty things around my house like crazy! You have totally inspired me to make my house feel more like a home! You covered a peg board with fabric and I absolutely loved it. My friend gave me a shelf, and after seeing your blog about the peg board I knew what I was gonna do with it! Here is a link to it... You have such a creative mind and are so good at what you do!


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