Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Transformation

This was a fun project today...I went to DI and couldn't find anything that really stood out to me on its own so I decided to create a collage and then re-vamp it.It's really interesting to try and find a few different things that you can piece together. My hubby helped me get the stripped screws out of the table and I brushed painted the top of the table and the legs a light green.  I sprayed the metal support black so it would match the mirror and lamp.  I sprayed the frame for the mirror  and stuck some vinyl lettering on top. It's good practice for me to try and figure out our new machine.  I'm actually selling this set on Poppy Ginger.  Remember that for the month of February 100% of the profit on my Poppy Pieces(refurbished items) will be anonymously donated to families who have lost their jobs recently.  Thanks to all of you who have purchased items this month! 

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  1. That is an awesome idea!! I love how you have an eye for things that most of us don't! What a neat thing to help families out!


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