Friday, December 12, 2008

Magnet/everything board

We have my Sis-in-law Sarah to thank for this project. Yes, you are probably noticing that I have many talented and creative people in my family. I have to laugh when I think about this magnet board. Sarah was visiting Utah last summer and her church group decided to take on this project. Sarah tried her hardest to stay out of it because she was out of town and there wasn't much time to get it together. As much as she tried to fight it, she couldn't help herself. I'm sure she is such a blessing to her enrichment committee.  They turned out wonderfully.  They are so multi-functional.  They are a magnet board, flannel board, wipe-off white board and a vinyl pocket.  What a great thing for any family home evening or Primary lesson!! For the wipe-off board you use white tile board from Home Depot! Isn't that awesome!  You use Duct tape to put around all the edges which comes in all sorts of colors(I did not know that). She says she likes the black because it gives it a professional look.  If you would like to attempt to make these I will help you get in touch with Sarah for more detailed instructions.  What a great idea!! Thanks for letting us see your pictures Sarah!

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  1. I would love to get more detailed instructions on how to make that... they have to be pretty detailed though, cause I'm a little bit slow... :) Thanks Andy!


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