Monday, December 15, 2008

Fabric Christmas Trees

My sisters Cori and Sarah made the fabric trees that I used as center pieces on Saturday.  I thought I would make one today since it is FREEZING and a perfect day to stay inside and make something.  This is a really simple and fun project. Here's a list of supplies: a dowel, a block of wood with a drilled hole in the center, fabric cut into strips that are about an inch thick, wood glue and a little star ornament for the top.  The first thing you will want to do is to glue the dowel into the block of wood.  Make sure you drill a hole that is the same size as your dowel.  Next you will tie pieces of fabric around the dowel in different directions.  When you get to the top of the dowel you will take some scissors and literally trim the tree to the desired length of fabric.  I happened to have a little star that had a hole in the bottom that fit perfectly. You can also tie or glue the star to the top.  I was able to get this done in about 20 minutes.  The kids are begging to make them so I think we'll do this for a family night activity. These would also make a great gift. You could make three of them and give them along with the story The Three Trees. It's a great book. 

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