Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Market

How to order vinyl:

Email Andy

Please include:

*The name and number 
of the vinyl you are interested in.

I will send you a Paypal invoice. 
 You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay through Paypal. 
Once I get the invoice back, I will ship your vinyl to you.
Allow 3 days, after you've paid, for me to make and ship your vinyl.

Please note: Prices do not include the board or tile that the vinyl is pictured on. Vinyl only.

Shipping for 1-4 vinyls is $4 
5-8 vinyls is $6
*Email for larger orders and I will give you a quote.
*U.S. Orders only



Can I order different colors?
You can order any sign in black, white or Ivory. If a color is not specified, you will be sent the color that is pictured.

Where can I find a piece of wood that big?
At The Home Depot you can buy a 2'X4' sheet of mdf that they will cut for you!  You can also check the "As-Is" section of Ikea. They have cool doors and boards that are usually under $5. Otherwise, check your local hardware store and ask for assistance! 
Keep your eyes open! You may run into scrap pieces of wood in unusual places!

I have never used vinyl before. Any tips or tricks?
Vinyl  is easy to use! If you are laying down a large piece of vinyl, it will help to have 2 people working together.  
* Make sure your surface is CLEAN and DRY. If you have painted a piece of wood, it is extremely important that you wait for each coat of paint to dry completely. If you are painting a surface that already has a finish on it, sand it first! If you paint over a finished surface, the vinyl will easily pull off the paint.

*Cut a strip of the paper backing off at the top so that you have a blank strip of transfer tape.  Stick that to your project. The rest of your vinyl still has the paper backing, so you will be able to easily move it around to center it. Once you have it where you want it, reach underneath and slowly pull the rest of the paper backing off. Click HERE for an example.
*Peel off the paper backing. If the vinyl is sticking to the paper instead of the sticky transfer tape, lay it back down and rub it with a flat surface such as a credit card.  Lay your vinyl down on your project and rub with a flat surface.  Once the vinyl is sticking to your project, gently peel off the transfer tape.  Click HERE for an example.

Do you do custom orders?
Depending on the time of year, I may or may not be doing custom orders. Please keep in mind that you will be charged for the amount of time it takes me to design a custom order as well as the cost of the vinyl. 
Email me for a specific quote.  poppyginger@gmail.com


  1. Hi I think my favorite is the Home Subway vinyl.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Veronica in CA
    veronicacts at hotmail dot com

  2. LOVE the Noel and the Harvest signs -- way cute!

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