Tuesday, February 9, 2010

eyeballing vinyl and a breadbox

So, many of you may already do this with vinyl, but I'd never even thought of it until last week.  I would usually peel off all of the backing and hold it up with my hands to try and make it straight. Yes, there are ways to really measure it out and make it perfect, but who likes to go thru all of that? Not a lazy crafter like myself, that's for sure.  Even though I wasn't willing to put forth the effort to make it exactly perfect, it would still really bug me if it didn't look straight. 

Here's an easier way to "eyeball it".

I'll demonstrate on this lovely little breadbox I picked up for 5 bones. 

After the box was all good and painted I was ready for vinyl.  
I have my sticker with the transfer tape still stuck to it.
I cut an edge of the paper so that the tape is exposed on the top, but not the vinyl sticker.
To make it even easier, give yourself a much larger piece of blank transfer tape. Mine is too little.

Now simply tape the sticker where you'd like it to be. 

It's easy to remove and adjust it if it doesn't look right.
Once you've found the right spot, hold the top of the tape to make sure you don't lose your spot.
Next lift up the bottom and remove the rest of the backing.

After the backing is removed, press down the rest of the vinyl.

You've got a lovely little vintage breadbox without badmouthing any vinyl. 

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I do love the shiny pretty red of this bread box! The letters are a great font, and what a perfect trick for making it straight. I have not the patience either:)

  2. Very cute! I love your choices on this box. It really takes the 1990's factor out of it.

  3. I am so into red right now ... I just LOVE this box. Great work!


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